Seniors Housing

AVENS is proud to offer independent housing to seniors.

AVENS has 32 independent housing units on campus.

The 32 housing units are made up of:

24 x 1-bedroom units (Aven Court)
8 x 2-bedroom units (Aven Ridge)

Aven Court units are subsidized due to a funding partnership with NWT Housing Corporation as long as your income is within the Core Net Income Threshold (CNIT) which is currently set at $60,400 by the government.

Aven Ridge units are all market units, meaning they are not subsidized by any funding program, and rent is determined by AVENS.

Due to the limited number of units, applicants can be on the waitlist for a couple years before a unit comes available – with no guarantees of one coming available.

However, we still encourage everyone to apply in case a unit does come available. Each received application is reviewed by AVENS housing committee and scored using our audited scoring criteria that takes into consideration a lot of different factors including the applicants current needs assessment.

How to apply?

For a subsidized unit – Income must be less than $60,400 for (both) applicant(s) to qualify.

Please provide a copy of:

  • The completed application (signed and dated)
  • Copy of this years Notice of Assessment to confirm annual income for each applicant.
  • Completed Medical Form (it is provided within the application) by a physician to state you can live independently for each applicant.

For a market unit – No income requirements. It is first come, first served for these units.

Please provide a copy of:

  • Part A of the application (signed and dated).

Independent Housing Application

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Independent Housing Application Package

Independent Housing Handbook

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AVENS Tenant Handbook

Independent Living Application Process

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Housing Brochure - FAQ

Other Resources

Housing Northwest Territories

Has various housing programs available for Seniors.

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Northern United Place

Has housing for Seniors

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AVENS Pavilion Project – COMING SOON 2024

AVENS team is working hard to provide 102 safe and affordable housing units for seniors. It will include 92 (1 bedroom) and 10 (2 bedroom) units and introduce a new way of independent living for seniors that will allow them to age with dignity for longer in their homes.

At this time, we are in the permitting phases and waiting for approval to begin construction and hope to commence intakes in the fall of 2024.

Learn more