Respite Care

AVENS Respite Program

AVENS Respite Program offers short-term, continuing care, inpatient stays, to provide support for adults with chronic illness and to provide respite for families so they may have a break from caregiving.

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Completed applications can be submitted to AVENS Unit Clerk

Any questions or concerns, please contact AVENS Unit Clerk.

AVENS Unit Clerk - Emma-Lee MarksE:
P: (867)-920-2443 ext. 140


Who is eligible to access AVENS Respite Program?

A resident of NWT requiring continuing care with a valid NWT Health Care Card who is over 60 years of age.   

How many respite beds are available for AVENS Respite Program?

Currently, AVENS has 4 designated respite beds.


Is there a maximum length of stay in AVENS Respite Program?

Each client can stay in respite for up to 6 weeks per calendar year, with a minimum of 1 week per stay. The client and family can choose to utilize the time in any combination, up to the 6 week maximum. For example: 1 x 6 week stay, 2 x 3 weeks, 6 x 1 week, etc.


Does my loved one have to stay for 6 weeks in a calendar year?

No, 6 weeks is the annual maximum. You can use any portion of those weeks during the calendar year.

Can my loved one be admitted on any day of the week and why?

No, admission is Thursday mornings before 11:30 am. Admissions require specialized staff to be available to meet with the client and caregivers. In order to ensure efficient staffing, AVENS requires consistent admission times.

Can my loved one be discharged at any time of the week and why?

The discharge deadline is Wednesday morning prior to 11:30 am. Upon discharge, the caregiver will sign discharge paperwork and the respite room will be vacated of all personal belongings. After each respite stay, the room requires specialized cleaning to be available for the next client. This specialized process requires significant resources; having a consistent discharge deadline allows AVENS to schedule the specialized cleaning.

How much does it cost to stay through the AVENS Respite Program?

The Government of the Northwest Territories stipulates the monthly long-term care room and board rate which changes annually; the respite rate is the stipulated rate divided by 30 days. The current rate is $32.00 per day, $976.00 monthly.

What do I need to book a stay with the AVENS Respite Program?

All new clients are required to submit an intake package to the Resident Care Unit Clerk prior to booking a respite stay. Existing clients can contact the Resident Care Unit Clerk to book the respite stay. The Resident Care Unit Clerk will work with the caregiver to answer any questions and book respite dates depending on availability. If there is no current availability the client has the option to put their name on the waitlist. Once dates are booked, an e-mail will be sent to the care giver confirming admission dates.


How long is the waitlist to access AVENS Respite Program?

To ensure maximum benefit to caregivers, AVENS will compile a waitlist. This waitlist will be used to ensure the respite beds are fully utilized. Time offered off of the waitlist is in addition to the annual 6 week maximum. Wait times vary throughout the year depending on number of families requiring respite.


What is required for admission into AVENS Respite Program?

Tetanus, Influenza, and Pneumococcal 23 Immunizations need to be obtained prior to admission, and a current updated immunization record must be submitted prior to booking into the Respite Program. A minimum of 48 hours prior to admission, all physician orders are to be sent to the Resident Care Unit Clerk. Upon arrival on the day of admission, AVENS requires all medications for the duration of the respite stay to be in a blister pack. Personal belongings such as clothes, toiletries, shoes, small keepsakes, etc. 

What is a blister pack and where do I buy them?

A blister pack is specialized packaging of medications into single dosages. This packaging safeguards clients when staff administer medications. It is how all medications are administered at AVENS. Blister packs can be obtained from the dispensing pharmacy upon request.


How do I cancel a respite stay once booked?

To cancel a stay contact the Resident Care Unit Clerk. Notices received 7 days or longer prior to the start of stay will be cancelled with no implications on the annual 6 week maximum. Notices received within 7 days prior to the start of stay will forfeit the days booked from the annual 6 week maximum.