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AVENS – A Community for Seniors

AVENS – A Community for Seniors (previously YACCS) was incorporated under the Societies Act in April of 1983 by a group of citizens to lobby the Government and establish programs and services for seniors.

Photo of granddaughter talking with her grandmother.
AVENS was established to meet the needs of the growing number of soon-to-be retired miners and prospectors (many of whom were bachelors) who would need support to live out their retirement years in Yellowknife. Since its inception, AVENS has worked very hard to establish programs and services not only for Yellowknife seniors but for seniors across the NWT.
  • Assisted in the establishment of the NWT Extended Health Benefits Program for seniors.
  • Constructed Aven Manor in 1987 – a personal care facility for seniors, serving Yellowknife and other NWT Communities.
  • Acquired a 35-year lease on the land surrounding Aven Manor and then acquiring ownership of that land in 2005.
  • Constructed Aven Court in 1992, 6 fourplex buildings equating to 24 units of affordable housing for independent seniors.
  • Assisted in the development of the NWT Seniors Society and the Yellowknife Seniors Society, which are now strong, independent partners of AVENS.


AVENS envisions a future where seniors age well and have choices, where they are connected to a safe and caring community for life.


AVENS delivers quality services to seniors so they can make choices about how and where they live.


Icon to represent respect, one of the values of Avens.


We treat everyone in a way that values their worth regardless of background, abilities or beliefs. We show due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others. We do not walk past, accept or create situations that we know are belittling or harmful to others.

Icon to represent dignity, one of the values of Avens.


We recognize that every member of our community has something to contribute. We support and empower our seniors’ right to choose wherever possible.

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We work together with each other and our residents, community and stakeholders to achieve the best result possible. We share ideas, resources and best practices to make our work environment a place we can all be proud of. We support and encourage each other when we are struggling, and we ask for help when we need to.

Icon to represent accountability, one of the values of Avens.


We admit when we are wrong, we make amends, and we learn from it. We do what we say we are going to do, and we fulfill our responsibilities.

Icon to represent integrity, one of the values of Avens.


We do the right thing even when it’s hard, or when no one is watching.

Strategic Priorities

  • Continue to provide high-quality services to AVENS residents.
  • Demonstrate leadership, partner innovatively and share knowledge, in the development and delivery of senior’s services in the NWT.
  • Proceed with construction and commissioning of more seniors’ affordable housing.
  • Explore, through dialogue with the GNWT, AVENS’ future role in the delivery of long-term care.  
  • Begin planning and preparation for the delivery of ageing-in-place services.