Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Dolynny's photo.

AVENS – A Community for Seniors would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Daryl Dolynny as our CEO. It is with great pleasure that we extend a note of welcome to  him as part of our team in which he brings experience, knowledge and skills that enhance our capabilities.

Daryl pursued a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta, where he could use both his keen business sense and practice community healthcare. Soon after graduation, Daryl and his wife Cindy purchased the struggling Yellowknife Shoppers Drug Mart franchise in 1992. For nearly 26 years the couple has run a unique and prosperous business throughout the North.

Daryl’s vision for health care reform and pharmaceutical distribution comes from years of serving communities across the North – ensuring that they have timely access to their medications. Daryl’s passion for advocacy and reform has enabled the NWT to excel by National standards in many aspects of renewed pan-Territorial health delivery, by providing expertise and consultation to the many current NWT Health Acts practiced today.

Keeping the spirit of helping his Territory thrive in the new millennia, Daryl took on the task of being elected as a member of the 17th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories representing the riding of Range Lake.

Daryl took up the same vigor in his quest for a stronger community and Territory by serving on the boards of the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation and recently the Yellowknife Community Foundation, as Chair and President. Nationally, Daryl has been an advocate, industry spokesperson and lecturer for topics such as Diabetes, Vancouver Board of Trade-related NWT issues, Aboriginal drug reform, Pharmacy and Health reform, tourism and philanthropy.

Daryl Dolynny has proven passion for doing great things for his community and is constantly supporting cultural programs – our children and youth, sports and recreation, our seniors, homelessness, business, education, health and wellness, persons with disabilities and our environment are all important.

Today, Daryl has taken on a new path in helping our organization AVENS – A Community for Seniors,  achieve its full potential.