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CEO Weekly Newsletter - July 2, 2024

AVENS CEO Newsletter for the week of July 2nd, 2024.

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AVENS offers independent housing to seniors.

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Aven Pavilion Now Accepting Applications

June 28, 2024

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Wildfire Evacuation Executive Summary and Recommendations

AVENS has compiled a detailed report summarizing the challenges and lessons from the 2023 evacuation to facilitate learning for AVENS and other agencies. Key recommendations are presented openly below.

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About Us

AVENS – A Community for Seniors

AVENS – A Community for Seniors (previously YACCS) was incorporated under the Societies Act in April of 1983 by a group of citizens to lobby the Government and establish programs and services for seniors.

Long Term Care

AVEN Manor is a 29 bed long term care facility that provides programs and services for NWT seniors.

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Dementia Care

AVEN Cottages are specifically designed to care for people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

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Seniors Housing

AVENS is proud to offer independent housing to seniors with 32 housing units on campus.

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Join Our Team

Avens delivers quality services in a safe and respectful manner to support residential living choices for seniors.

Current Career Opportunities
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AVENS Pavilion Project – COMING SOON 2024  

AVENS team is working hard to provide 102 safe and affordable housing units for seniors. It will include 92 (1 bedroom) and 10 (2 bedroom) units and introduce a new way of independent living for seniors that will allow them to age with dignity for longer in their homes.

At this time, construction is well underway, and our hope is to commence intakes in the Fall of 2024.

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