Pandemic Plan

AVENS Pandemic Plan

AVENS is actively taking steps to decrease the risk and spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses to the residents who live here.

AVENS has been working closely with the Government of the Northwest Territories and following the latest updates on COVID-19 to ensure we have the proper interventions in place to protect staff and residents.

Some changes since COVID began are:

  • Scheduled family visits.
  • Restricted off campus visits (such as vehicle cruises, and on campus walks)
  • Changes to our team members work such as wearing facial masks, changing form “street” clothing/footwear to “work” clothing/footwear onsite, temperature checks and screening questions.
  • Increased cleaning of common touch points and locations by our housekeeping team
  • No volunteers allowed on campus at this time.
  • No dental or hair stylist on campus for outside residents.

If you would like to come in a visit a family member or friend, please give our Unit Clerk a call at (867)-920-2443 ext. 140.

For more information regarding AVENS COVID restrictions, please contact our Director of Care at (867)-920-2443 ext. 110.

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For more information related to the NWT's Pandemic Response Plan and Emerging Wisely Guidelines for Long Term Care, please refer to the GNWT's COVID-19 webpage.

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