CEO Weekly Newsletter: October 25, 2021

Care On Call Has Arrived 

 For months now, the AVENS Fundraising Committee has been working on the research and development in the creation of Operation Care on Call

 Our current nurse call bell has served the needs of AVENS residents for many decades and now has become obsolete. The concept and use of a nurse call bell system is designed to enhance and ensure patient safety, allowing residents in our healthcare setting to alert staff remotely of their need of assistance. 

Today, rapid response communication between resident and caregiver is more important than ever. Better care through innovation has been our organizations motto for many years and addressing these safety needs with proper hardware and software solutions will help AVENS revolutionize our traditional use of a nurse call system program. 

 AVENS Management assisted the Fundraising Committee in exploring, through expressions of interest, different nurse call bell systems. After careful consideration on options, expandability, training, aftermarket support and maintenance, the successful proponent was a Canadian Company called Momentum Healthware. 

 A Canadian company that specializes in hardware and software solutions for long term care facilities

 Once AVENS was comfortable we had the right product for our needs, the Fundraising Committee commenced an extensive marketing plan, fundraising Performa and fit test for our market. Our evaluation all pointed to this as being the right fundraising project for AVENS at this time. Operation Care on Call received full Board approval in late August 2021 

A rendition of whatFranklinAve looks like

With the hopes of a soft launch in mid to late September, unfortunately as many of you know, our facility was affected with a Covid outbreak. With all hands-on deck, our Management Team and staff needed to dedicate all our attention to outbreak management protocols for the safety of all. 

Now weeks later and although we are still in Covid containment mode, we felt that it was the right time to bring Operation Care on Call back on the table. 

Our official media release to the public for our launch occurred on Monday October 18th, 2021 with our “Community Wave” event on Franklin Ave the morning of October 20th, 2021. 

Just a small glimpse of the new software AVENS will have at our fingertips in caring for our residents. Please visit our Performa for Operation Care on Call found on our AVENS website or in various staffrooms throughout our campus

Fundraisers are like friendraisers too! 

Being part of our AVENS Team, whether you are a resident, resident family member, volunteer, staff member, board member, committee member, contractor, or even our independent housing residents, we are all ambassadors for AVENS. 

We all have a unique opportunity to be a positive spokesperson for our operation and help those who have questions about our campus and service offerings. For those who do this regularly, I salute you and say, “Thank you”! 

(L to R) Board Member, Ron Allen, Fundraising Committee Member, Yvonne Quick, Care Manager,Sandra Crocker-Walsh (photo credit Ethan Butterfield NNSL)

The very powerful marketing message of “The Wave”to our community for theirsupport

(L to R) AVENS President/CEO, Daryl Dolynny, Clinical Coordinator,Jessica Ewing, Board Member, Board Member, Debbie DeLancey, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO, Chelsea Pukanich (photo credit Ethan Butterfield NNSL) 

The Care on Call Wave Launch Team! Wednesday October 20th, 2021 at 7:30 AM!Thank you for all those who attended.

With the excitement around this project, if you want to know more about Operation Care on Call or how to donate, all these questions or your need for more information can be found on our website. 

Of course, if you want to speak to me personally about this project, please do not hesitate to track me down, as I would be happy to answer your questions. 

Want to know more? Please visit our website for everything you want to know about Operation Care on Call

AVENS Welcomes Aurora College PSW Students 

It’s been many months since we were able to have Aurora College students do their various practical rotations on our Campus. This past week we have finally taken a turn back to our traditional workings with Aurora College as we welcomed a group of PSW students on their first rotation in their program. Lead by our Care Manager, Sandra Crocker-Walsh, these new students with their instructors will be working throughout our facilities. 

Our Management Team members introducing themselves to the Aurora College PSW students and their instructors

We hope these new students feel welcomed to our facility and we hope that some of them will even consider returning as members of our staff upon graduation.  Best of luck students and welcome to AVENS!