CEO Weekly Newsletter: May 17, 2021

National Nurses Week 2021

All last week, the nation (and the world) took a moment to thank nurses for everything they have done during this pandemic.

Let’s face it, these front-line workers have been likened to superhero status and for good reason…because they are!

AVENS is equally thankful for our Nurses, LPN’s & RCA’s who have been the glue in keeping our facility safe. This is our opportunity to recognize those hard days and having the strength to carry on, to care and to comfort.

Our Wellness Team designed some pretty cool nursing treats for Nurses Week

We were pleased to show our gratitude with coffee and with some custom sweets and treats.

We know there is great sacrifice asked by all of us at AVENS to keep our residents healthy and safe.

(L to R) Nazibi Ukhoy, Megan Tania Jones, Emily Harman and Erin Moor
(L to R) Zita Korie and Jeffrey Lindaya

This past year, more than ever, your strength and dedication are deeply appreciated. You are the pillar that we lean on when times are tough.

Keep up the great work, we are beyond proud of you!

Project Clean Sweep

On Friday May 7th, a group of hardies, young and “not so old” volunteers took the streets of AVENS campus to prepare our facility for “safe-debris-free” roadways.

Our successful Project Clean Sweep 2021 was brought to us this year with the help of over 20 volunteers.

Mother and daughter date night with Rene Wiseman and Abbey
Hard working crew on a gorgeous night

That old cliché “Many hands create light work” definitely applied to this project.

Many “land mines” of dirt and gravel created by numerous brooms and shovels working in unison

This year with Project Clean Sweep, AVENS is donating to the AVENS Social Committee the equivalent of funds that it would have required to hire a contractor. The money raised goes directly into activities decided by this Committee to support our staff and their well-being.

(L to R) Director of Care, Frances Bower having way too much fun with Clinical Coordinator, Emily Harman

We cannot thank these volunteers enough for the donation of their time and energy toward the beautification of our campus and to the money raised for all staff social projects.

Lunch and Learn: How To Build Creative Resilience And Continue Your Mission

Our capacity to learn at AVENS is truly a gift and our willingness to learn is our choice.

This choice is made much easier when the Director of Human Resources, Lindsey Dwojak, provides homemade pulled pork and chicken buns, while hosting our incredible “Lunch and Learn” programs.

This past week, many of our Management Team and Clinical Coordinators found new ways during this pandemic to build creative resilience and to continue our mission.

Led by famous author and speaker Josh Linkner, we were able to drive our creativity with one breakthrough at a time.

As innovators and leaders, we can help drive this creativity, as we emerge out of this pandemic together.

Thank you again to our Director of Human Resources, for creating a fun and fulfilling way “to digest” new ways of learning.

Yellowknife Community Clean Up

For the past couple of years, AVENS Social Committee, in conjunction with our Management and Staff have coordinated to help clean up our community.

With the help of 55 other registered teams, we are going to clean up this town!

If you havent had a chance to sign up before May 25th, 2021, registration can be found at Adminstration reception.

All money raised through this volunteer program is going directly toward out AVENS Social Committee programs.

Thank you to our coordinators Lindsey Dwojak and Steven Nicholas!