CEO Weekly Newsletter: March 22, 2021

Let It Snow…Somewhere Else!

Unless you have mastered the art of snow shoveling this article might not resonate too much.

However, for the silent majority of us, whose blood pressure rises when snowflakes start to fall, you might never quite understand the anxiety of keeping sidewalks and streets clean and safe.

“Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.” - Unknown

We do have a couple weeks left of winter, but did we get more snow in 2020, than last year?

If we go to the score cards (Yellowknife weather statistics) in 2019 we received a total of 110.6 cm of snow, compared to 67.5 cm year to date.

Part of me wants to refute this data, but I guess we have to put trust in science, right?

That said, we called upon our trusted friends at Arctic Farmer, who was awarded this year’s contract for our campus snow removal.

Arctic Farmer and our Maintenance Team hard at work

They commenced snow removal over the weekend of March 13th and finished the project some 27 hrs later, on March 16th, 2021,

We want to thank all our resident housing guests in the Court and Ridge and our staff for having to park off campus during this past weekend. We realize this was a sacrifice, but at least everyone and everyone’s vehicle was safer with this corrective action.

In the end, we now can enjoy clean roads and parking stalls at AVENS, as we await the soothing spring-like temperatures right around the corner.

Bye-Bye Amy Rose

On Thursday March 18th, 2020, AVENS said goodbye to our fourth-year nursing student from Aurora College.

Several of her colleagues, Management staff and even some residents came out for a little shindig in the Administration Wing. 

(L to R) Care Manager, Sandra Crocker-Walsh and 4th Year Aurora Nursing Student, Amy Rose

Amy has been completing her last clinical tour for the past several weeks, here at AVENS.

She has been a great asset to our organization since her arrival by taking initiative and going the extra mile for our seniors.

Amy has been honing her acute care skills on things like catheter care, blood draws, insulin administration, wound care, and proper charting, just to name a few.

Seeing the large turnout for her farewell tells me volumes of how Amy has touched many of our lives during her brief stay.

Amy, we will certainly miss your presence and we wish you all the best as you prepare for your upcoming graduation.

Best of luck!

Yellowknife Seniors Society AGM 2021

Your CEO’s office attended virtually the recently held Yellowknife Seniors Society AGM on Thursday March 18th, 2021.

In attendance was a number of prominent seniors from across the City, including dignitaries, like the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Services, Julie Green

We heard from the Executive Director, Kim Doyle who clearly articulated the “eye opening and challenging” year it has been. She highlighted also the successful “Basic Food Hamper” programs brought in part by the benevolence of many local businesses and organizations.

A Zoom snapshot of the YK Seniors Society AGM

There were some notable changes on their board with the addition of Gloria Reyes, John and Donna Williston, Eileen Erasmus and Gail Cyr as the new president. Returning board members were Mary Tapsell, Margaret Beckwith, Paul Falvo and Terry Hawkins.

AVENS wishes to congratulate the Yellowknife Seniors Society past Board of Directors and President for everything they have done for senior’s advocacy this past year and we welcome the incoming volunteer board members to their new roles.

AVENS Board and my office wish all the best for the YK Seniors Society as we work together for a better and healthy environment for the seniors we care for.

Who Is New On Campus?

I am so glad to see so many new faces joining us at AVENS. This new diversity gives AVENS enriched strength, as we deliver vital care to the residents we care for.

Let us take a moment to see who is new on campus…

Bridget Nhau

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Bridget claims she is a “Workaholic”. She indicates she “loves making people laugh” and that this complements her “great sense of humour”. Bridget is in her first year Nursing and is a student at Aurora College. We know Bridget will be a great asset to our facility and our community.

Welcome to AVENS Bridget!

Lovely Casbadillo

Lovely is named Lovely as she says, “I was born on February 14 - Valentine’s Day, which is a very common name in the Philippines”. She enjoys outdoor activities and claims to be a “plant lover”. She admits that she was recently an Uber driver in Toronto, which she says “was fun and exciting”.

I can tell that Lovely is a very hard and patient worker and we welcome her to the ranks of RCA.

Welcome aboard Lovely!

Taleope “Tal” Asombrado

Another returnee to AVENS! Yeah! Tal was employeed at AVENS from 2010 to 2012. She has three children aged 11, 22 and 25 and one grand child. She claims to be a masterchef in the kitchen and is looking forward to her return at AVENS.

Welcome back Tal to the RCA Care Team! (P.S. Tal is also the sister-in-law of Chona Asombrado).

Mercedes Tuerto

We last showcased Mercedes in issue #106 February 15th, 2021 where we introduced her as our new casual RCA! Well, it seems Mercedes, who has been with AVENS since August 2015 in housekeeping is still cleaning up on the news!

Upon the successful completion of the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program at Aurora College in February 2021, Mercedes moved into the casual RCA role in the Care Department.

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that she is now the successful candidate for the latest full-time RCA role. We are super proud!

This is to let the readership know that I will be off- line for a couple of weeks on annual leave and we will suspend “From the CEO’s desk” until mid April. At this time I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

Please take care of one another and keep safe! Daryl