CEO Weekly Newsletter - February 28, 2022

Our Call Has Been Answered! Operation Care On Call-A Success!

Back in October 2021, our AVENS Fundraising Committee embarked on a mission to replace our very outdated nurse call bell system at AVENS. 

It was an ambitious plan, especially in the wake of a very long pandemic, yet our need was great. 

 Hence, Operation Care on Call was launched with every intention of being a unique 7-month fundraising journey. However, what happened next was indeed magical, within merely 4 months we reached our $250 thousand dollar target. 

Donations came in from far and wide, from community individuals and businesses, even our contribution partner the GNWT, answered our call with a whomping $130 thousand dollar cheque to close this fundraiser. 

On behalf of the AVENS Board, our Management Team and the entire organization we are very thankful for the outpouring of community support that will allow us to bring in state-of-the-art safety tools for our residents and staff. 

 Our Franklin Ave billboard signs received their final thermometer reading along with thank-you’s going out to the Yellowknife community 

We can’t wait to start installing this new technology in our facilities and begin the training of our new nurse call bell system. 

We hope that you are as excited as we are that we will finally be able to join the 21st century in senior resident care technology. 

Better care through innovation has been my focus since my arrival some three years ago and I am encouraged by our collective spirit and efforts. 

A noon-hour “Thank you wave” with approximately 20 AVENS Management and Staff on Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 

Thank you to NNSL Friday, February 25th edition for a Care on Call shout-out 

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to improve our facility and the supportive care for our residents and their families. 

Outbreak Management Pizza Celebration

For two years now AVENS has had to deal with Covid pandemic measures to keep staff and residents safe. 

Realistically, if one was to go back in time and say the world would be under lock down for two years under a pandemic umbrella, no one would have believed you, yet, today we are here to tell this story. 

The Covid journey has been a long one! 

Along this arduous journey with various alert levels, PPE requirements and now testing, AVENS was also subject to outbreaks. 

Our corky acronym “ASDFAINTFTSCPL” or what we simply refer to as our “flatten the stomach curve” staff appreciation pizza event 

It was during these outbreaks that our resolve would be tested, that much more. Yet, we all survived. 

Along this two-year journey, the AVENS Board and Management recognized the sacrifices we were all making in keeping our residents safe and in small way wanted to lift our spirts along this path, hence the introduction of the “Flatten the stomach curve” food friendly appreciation events. 

These events were very well received by many of our staff, as we garnished support with local food suppliers. From pizza, subs, chicken and even home-made pies, “Flatten the stomach curve” events brought smiles, laughter and a small break from Covid. 

A lonely bottle of hand sanitizer waits for its next user, as a small group of AVENS staff enjoy a slice of pizza on February 25, 2022 

Recently, on February 25th, 2022 the AVENS Board and Management returned with a Pizza thank you event, as we emerged from one of these outbreak management covid periods. 

We are so proud of each and everyone of you, who sacrificed, kept true to your PPE protocols, and have had to endure recent Covid testing procedures. Again, we survived! 

As we are now starting to hear of Covid restrictions lifting across Canada and the world, we may be finally able to emerge from this blanket of control and return to what only seems like a distant memory of working in normal conditions. 

Until then, we enjoy pizza! Because pizza makes everything better! 

NEW Emergency Stations On Campus

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are new emergency safety stations on AVENS campus. 

Located in three key locations: Avens Manor, Avens Cottages and AVENS Barb Bromley Administration entrance, these central emergency stations are a one-stop location in the event of an emergency. 

One of our “Emergency Stations” located in the entrance of the Barb Bromley Administration wing 

We encourage you to get familiar where these stations are located and what safety items they contain. 

We want to thank the Operations Team for working with the Office of the CEO in getting these safety locations up and running. 

In the meantime, AVENS will be hosting an upcoming “Fire Safety Awareness Contest” where you will be able to respond to some quizzes and win some cool prizes. Watch for more information posted in the staffrooms. 

These “Emergency Stations” have easy access safety items from a first aid kit to an AED. Please familiarize yourself the location of these stations and what they contain. You may never know when you might need this! 

In the future, we look forward in seeing these emergency stations being replicated in the Baker Centre and throughout the NEW Pavilion building. 

Employee Engagement Survey 2022

Having a voice is extremely important. How to use this voice is up to you! 

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 we will be launching our annual Employee Engagement Survey for 2022. 

Here is your chance to share your thoughts and participate with your fellow workers in making AVENS better. 

These surveys will be sent to your email addresses in confidence and are secured. Your responses are not tracked, and we never know the identity of the respondents. 

Once these aggregate responses are tabulated, we will come back to you with what we heard. It will then be incumbent for our Management Team to review these outcomes and possibility draft solutions, if we encounter patterns that need proper intervention. 

If nothing else, most of your responses may already affirm some of the great things that are happening on campus. 

In any event, we encourage you to participate. It only takes about 15 minutes of your time, but your investment will bring a lifetime of change.