CEO Weekly Newsletter - December 13, 2021

AVENS President & CEO Diabetic Coma Corner 2021

Following a commitment and tradition that I started some 30 years ago when I owned and operated Shoppers Drug Mart, December would be a month filled with chocolate and treats for my staff. A tradition that I was proud of, a tradition that I love doing and a tradition that I brought to AVENS since December 2018. 

 Branded as the “President and CEO Diabetic Coma Corner” (because there really is no other way to describe it) AVENS three major staffrooms will host a diabetic extravaganza of goodies over the next couple weeks leading up to Christmas. 

With the assistance and support of my wife and current pharmacist/owner, Cindy Dolynny, at Shoppers Drug Mart, we are pleased to be offering this to AVENS staff. 

Happiness is sometimes an unexpected piece of chocolate 

 A small glimpse into the Avens Manor staffroom 

We hope that these small tokens of our appreciation are well received by all. It’s been another difficult year with Covid, yet, we all survived, and together, we will get through this. 

(Clockwise, from Top left) Avens administration staffroom, Avens Cottage MPR staffroom, Avens Manor staffroom 

As we have said many times, together we are stronger! Now we are stronger with a balanced diet of chocolate in “both” hands. 

AVENS Fundraising Committee At Lunch With The Bunch

A little over a month ago, AVENS Fundraising Committee launched our newest fundraising initiative, Operation Care on Call. 

As we all know, AVENS current Nurse Call Bell System has become obsolete due to its age and is no longer usable. When quick response matters between the caregiver and resident, now more than ever, we need this rapid communication tool. 

With resident safety as our number one goal, AVENS also sees that with this enhanced communication tool we will reach our other goal of peace of mind for those within our care. 

One of the power point slides that were showcased at the YKSS Lunch with a Bunch 

AVENS Fundraising Committee was delighted to showcase this initiative with the YKSS Lunch with a Bunch on Friday December 10th, 2021, to about 40 in attendance, also raising over $600 towards Operation Care on Call. 

AVENS President & CEO speaking with the YKSS Lunch with a Bunch on Operation Care on Call 

Answering seniors’ questions and explaining the needs of AVENS is an important step in the transparency and the success of the project. 

At the time of this publication, we are approximately at 43% of our target (~$107k) with many more months ahead. 

If you want to know more about Operation Care on Call visit our AVENSSENIORS.COM website or stop by the administration office. 

Let There Be Light!

Back in 2020 it was decided that our next LED upgrade on campus would be the interior lighting for the Territorial Dementia Facility and the Administration area. 

After an extensive expression of interest search, we were glad to award the $95k project to DT Electric. 

What makes this project unique is that we were successful in a rebate program for this installation. So in May 2021, we received approval for a 50% cost rebate totaling $47,369.50 from the Arctic Energy Alliance. 

Covid really put a damper on getting much of the lights needed, but we are happy to say the project has finally started this past week and should run until mid January 2022. 

Why is this project so important for AVENS? 

Well, first and foremost, you will see a definite improvement in lighting quality in both the Dementia Cottages, common areas and administration, but moreover, the electricity savings will give AVENS a full cost recovery of the entire investment in little as 16 months. After this period, money saved can be used for many other worthwhile maintenance projects. 

Thank you to the Director of Operations and his Team behind the scenes for the success of this incredible opportunity. 

Look Who Is New On AVENS Campus

Let’s take a moment to introduce some of the new faces on AVENS campus. 

Desmond Ngwerume 

Desmond who hailed from Southern Ontario, has recently moved to Yellowknife. On the referral of one of our AVENS employees, Desmond has been hired as a casual RCA. While in Ontario, Desmond had frontline experience in working directly with Covid in long-term care settings. We hope we do not have to tap into this expertise, but it is comforting knowing this experience is readily available. Welcome to the team Desmond! 

Sengi Joyce 

Sengi has recently moved from Calgary to Yellowknife. She acquired her PSW certification in Manitoba and has been working in the field for the past six years. Interesting to note, with a diploma in Disability Studies (Alberta), Sengi has also been a teacher’s aide and a mental health classroom teacher assistant. Welcome to AVENS Sengi! 

Cheryl Moore 

Cheryl has been hired as a casual cook, and she brings extensive experience from large scale mine and commercial settings, but she is also a certified PSW. Cheryl’s mother used to be a resident with us many years ago and Cheryl also knows one of our current residents, so she is looking forward to reconnecting. We know Cheryl will fit right in with our Food Services Team. Great to see you back at AVENS Cheryl!