CEO Weekly Newsletter - April 4, 2022

NEW Umano Beds Arrive

 Before I get into this article, I would like to say a HUGE thank you for all the well wishes, while I was off on medical leave. As well, I salute everyone on our Management Team for stepping up and for our Director’s who put together a “From the Director’s desk” edition in keeping our communication program alive. Thank you to all! I am now back and healthy thanks to the great medical team at Stanton Hospital! 

 In a previous newsletter we first introduced that AVENS would be receiving NEW Umano beds for our residents. During my brief absence these beds did arrive and wow, what a difference these beds will have on the comfort and safety of our residents. On Wednesday March 23rd, 2022 a semi-truck rolled up to the Avens Manor with a crew from Umano and a load of new beds. 

What happened next was pure magic! 

Joining the Umano crew was our very own AVENS Team representing many different departments and Matco. 

I cannot begin to say how thankful I was when I heard the entre facility was done in one day. This was not by accident, but with a skilled agenda, lots of elbow grease and a huge amount of love. 

The following photo’s showcase the magnitude of this day and the impact this will have on the comfort, care, and safety of our residents for years to come. 

 A 50-foot pup trailer is stationed just outside of the Avens Manor that was full of new Umano beds. The old beds were shipped down south, where hopefully they will be repurposed for other countries in need. 

 Great care was taken to work safely amongst the curious and excited residents 

Taking a moment for a picture, Manon Lajoie, Account Executive, Umano Medical, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Northwest Territories is seen staging new beds destined for the cottages 

While the old Stryker beds are being removed in the cottages, a logistics nightmare await. How do you get these beds up and down a flight of stairs? The next couple of photo’s clearly show creavity.

As it seems, good ol’fashion ingenuity and care went into buidling a temporary ramp to connect the adminstration to the cottages. 

Each of the new beds weighs over 700 lbs or 318 kg. Some very strong individuals were needed. Our very own “strongman” and Maintenance Supervisor, Rick Marshall, guides the Matco crew. 

In addition to the new beds for our residents, all residents will now have a bedside telescopic table. This is a game changer for our facility! 

(L to R) All in a hard days work! Seen here is the Umano Medical crew of Jerome, Francois, Scott, Manon, AVENS Director of Care, Frances Sinclair, and Umano Medical driver. 

AVENS Family Fun Day On Walsh Lake

On Sunday, March 27th, 2022 AVENS Social Committee hosted a wonderful outdoor family event on Walsh Lake. 

The weather was great and the staff and family in attendance had a wonderful time. 

A Potluck feast in the making 

Aside from the skidooing, ice fishing, a fish fry, ice skating and snow shoeing, the AVENS Social committee also sponsored lots of games, like the three-legged race. 

(L to R) Rhiannon Bower, sitting with Phoenix Marshall going for a ride. 

Three-legged race about to start! 

(L to R) Little AVENS buddies, Abby and Aurora enjoying some quiet time on the skating area 

(L to R) AVENS Maintenance Supervisor, Rick Marshal, sharing the fire with Director of Operations, Steven Nicholas 

Lots of fun were had by all while enjoying the warmer winter temperatures. 

Congratulations to the AVENS Social Committee, Carol Norwegian and many other volunteers that made this a special day for many!