CEO Weekly Newsletter -March 4, 2024

From the CEO’s desk

GEMS- Going The Extra Mile For Seniors 2023 Awards Ceremony

On Monday, February 26th, 2024, AVENS celebrated our fifth annual GEMS- Going the Extra Mile for Seniors for the 2023 year. With employees, their families and with AVENS Board members in attendance, these awards were hosted at the AVENS Barb Bromley Administration Wing.

“Start going the extra mile and opportunity will follow you” Napolean Hill

This event honors the dedication and invaluable contributions of our tenured staff, showcasing their pivotal role in our success. We also take the time to extend a heartfelt appreciation to our volunteers, who are integral to our compassionate care community, through our Helping Hand Award. Notably, our unique Resident Choice Award allows those who we serve the gratitude for outstanding employee efforts. These GEMS awards not only foster a culture of appreciation, but also reinforces the strong bonds that make our facility a beacon of compassionate care. So why do we do all this? Why is GEMS so important? At AVENS, we stand behind our vision, mission and values with a comprehensive recognition program known as GEMS, which stands for "Going the Extra Mile for Seniors." In some sectors of our society the term GEMS is also used to equally describe one’s culture as “Gratitude Empowers Motivated Staff”. Either way you look at it, it is a powerful program that uniquely celebrates those individuals who go above and beyond, making a lasting impact on the lives of our seniors.

Just moments before the ceremony was to begin!

In today's environment, where the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges and demands, recognizing the invaluable contributions of both our employees and volunteers is not just important—it's essential. First and foremost, our employees are the heartbeat of our organization. They are the compassionate caregivers, skilled nurses, dedicated administrators, and support staff who work tirelessly to provide exceptional care to our residents. Recognizing their efforts is vital for several reasons.

Employee recognition fosters a positive work culture where dedication and hard work are acknowledged and celebrated. It boosts morale and motivation, leading to increased job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more engaged, committed, and likely to go above and beyond in their roles.

The GEMS awards table

Moreover, recognizing employees for their contributions promotes a sense of belonging and loyalty. It strengthens the bond between staff members and the organization, creating a supportive and cohesive team environment.

I am always honored to emcee this event. This is AVENS 40th anniversary, so on this day we celebrated with 140 of our dedicated employees, who combined, have contributed over 758 years of service for AVENS. Today we recognized 10 distinguished tenured employees, who combined have contributed over 115 years of Going the Extra Mile for our Seniors. What a milestone!

In turn, this enhances collaboration, communication, and overall performance, ultimately benefiting the quality of care we provide to our residents.

Long term AVENS Executive Committee Board Member Ron Allen, addresses the crowd and then later presents the awards to all GEMS winners

In addition to our employees, volunteers play a crucial role in shaping the vision of our exceptional care community. They bring unique skills, perspectives, and experiences that enrich the lives of our residents and enhance their overall well-being. Recognizing volunteers is essential for fostering a sense of appreciation and gratitude for their selfless service. It acknowledges the significant impact they have on our organization and reinforces their value as valued members of our community. By recognizing volunteers, we not only express our thanks but also inspire others to join in our mission of providing exceptional care and support. Furthermore, recognizing volunteers helps to cultivate a culture of engagement and involvement. It encourages continued participation and commitment, ensuring that our volunteer program remains vibrant and effective. By nurturing meaningful relationships with volunteers, we can leverage their talents and enthusiasm to innovate and improve our services continually.

(L to R) Ron Allen presenting a GEMS Helping Hand award to Joan Krutko and Shirley Kapalka for all their help with our AGCO AVENS Growing Cooperative programs
(L to R) Emcee Daryl Dolynny, with Ron Allen presenting a GEMS Helping Hand award to the always “effervescent” Kim Doyle. Kim does a weekly Ball & Balance exercise program for our seniors
Our AVENS Director of Care, Frances Marshall, presenting the GEMS Shining Star Awards. These are individuals who show exemplary service and who shine brightly
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Rubi Alicida
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Nelson Jimenez
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star and also GEMS Resident Choice winner Madelon Haener ( A Double Winner!)
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Brigida Kelly
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Nazbi Ukkhoy
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Joicy Vincent
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Mary Joy Valdriz
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Delia Weir
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Shining Star Lindo Johny
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Resident Choice Award Marian Temple
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Resident Choice award Emma-Lee Marks
GEMS Long Term Service at AVENS!
(L to R) Daryl Dolynny, Ron Allen and GEMS Long Term Service Award for 5 years Shanta Andsell
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Long Term Service Award for 5 years Lindsey Dwojak
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Long Term Service Award for 5 years Ariel Antaron
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Long Term Service Award for 5 years Jacqueline Hunt-Cornock
(L to R) Who would have thought that I would be shaking Ron’s hand after 5 years? Yup that’s me!
(L to R) Our esteemed Maintenance Team members Ralph and Tim unveiling our updated GEMS Long Term Service list of incredible people
(L to R) Ron Allen and GEMS Long Term Service Award for 15 years Ralph Snyder
The honour of cutting our traditional GEMS awards cake was all mine for the taking!

No matter how you look at it, our GEMS recognition program plays a pivotal role in acknowledging the contributions of both our employees and volunteers. By fostering a culture of appreciation and gratitude, we strengthen our organization, enhance employee and volunteer satisfaction, and ultimately deliver exceptional care to our residents. Together, we shine bright like the precious gems that we are, creating a community where compassion, dedication, and excellence thrive.