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Yellowknife, NT (October 15, 2018) – Daryl Dolynny, Yellowknife business CEO, past President of the Yellowknife Community Foundation, past Chairman of the Board of the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation and former NWT MLA, has agreed to assume the position of interim Chief Executive Officer of AVENS, A Community for Seniors, following the recent departure of the previous CEO. 

Dolynny who has extensive experience in leadership and in the health care field will start immediately and will hold the position until the end of April, 2019. 

“We are pleased to have a person with excellent management and health care credentials at the helm of AVENS during the period of time it will take us to recruit an individual to fill this position permanently,” said Ron Allen, newly elected president of AVENS.

“At our recent Annual General Meeting we announced plans to start work on the expansion of AVENS facilities and services.  The implementation of these plans will be overseen by a CEO with broad experience in seniors housing and care requirements.  Hiring an interim CEO gives us the time required to locate and hire the right person for the job ahead,” added Allen. 

The AVENS board’s vision is to address ageing challenges across the entire housing and care continuum.  The draft expansion plan envisions growth of residential living choices and delivery of a range of services across the full spectrum of care.  Most importantly the board envisions a community where our residents can move seamlessly through levels of care without ever leaving the AVENS community. 

More information on AVENS future plans is included in the AVENS 2017-18 Annual Report available at avensseniors.com


Ron Allen, President

AVENS, A Community for Seniors 

Email: rawn@theedge.ca

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