Our Mission, Vision and Values

AVENS’ Vision – Seniors have a safe and caring community for life.

AVENS’ Mission – Providing quality community living choices for seniors by delivering quality services in a safe and respectful manner.

AVENS’ Values are expressed in the following statements which describe the most strongly held beliefs within the organizational culture of AVENS and its operations:

  • Respect – we acknowledge the talents and contributions of our staff and seniors at AVENS.
  • Dignity – we treat our seniors in a manner that honours their place in our community; caring for their health, safety, independence and peace of mind.
  • Collaboration – we work constructively with our staff, residents and community partners, building capacity and continuously improving our capability, to provide an enduring, safe, caring community for life, for our seniors.
  • Accountability – we take ownership of our decisions and actions.
  • Integrity – we fulfil our values and our commitments to our people, our residents, our supporters and our community.
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